Japanese with Noguchi Sensei


Japanese Lessons for Business Professionals 



Targeted towards

                        Adults, mainly business persons

                        from beginners up to and including Masters and PhD learners

Learning Focus     

                         General Japanese
                         Business Japanese & Japanese Business etiquette
                         Travel Japanese


                         Face-to-face private lessons 

                              at your homes, the public library, a cafe, onsite at your company, or "Japan 39" office


                         Group Class                                    

                               max. 4 learners in a class

                         Company Group Class for employees 

                         One-on-One for executives

                               Business Japanese and Japanese manners



   Your lessons will be tailored to your exact needs. 

   You will be able to learn decent Japanese quickly with your personal 

    curriculum designed to fit your needs.



The following level description is based on a 2-hour session per week for group lessons.

          Step 1 ~ 4     Beginners    

          Step 5 ~ 8     Intermediates

          Step 9 -         Advanced


Beginners [Step 1]

Time Period    16 hours (8 weeks)

Goal                To be able to ask simple questions

Writing           Hiragana


   Asking names of people and items, directions, greetings, counting 1‐30, basic 20 verbs

Overview: Once you have completed Step 1, you will have learned all of the basic skills you need to form a strong foundation. You will already be able to participate in short, simple conversations.


Beginners [Step 2]

Time Period:    16 hours (8 weeks) / A cumulative total of 4 months

Goal:                To be able to ask and answer simple questions

Writing:           Hiragana and Katakana


Asking the time, quantifiers, verbs (daily conversation level), adjectives (daily conversation level: big, small, hot, cold, like, dislike, etc.), desire (want/would like, want to/would like to)

Overview: When you've completed Step 2, you will have the primary language skills to be able to say what you want to say and understand what is said to you in familiar situations.


Beginners [Step 3]

Time Period:    16 hours (8 weeks) / A cumulative total of 6 months

Goal:                To be able to carry on a daily conversation, as well as read and understand written Japanese


 (Would you like to do…?),  (Would you do…?),  (giving permission),  (prohibiting),  (talking about experience), learning the difference between polite expressions and colloquial expressions

Overview: Once Step 3 is complete, you will have successfully learned many additional expressions. You will now be able to communicate sophisticatedly, having mastered comprehensive basic Japanese conversation skills.


Beginners [Step 4]

Time Period:   16 hours (8 weeks) / A cumulative total of 8 months

Goal:   To be able to fluently carry on a daily conversation, as well as read and understand written Japanese


(I can do…),  (If you go…, when you reach…),  (I give, I receive, someone gives me…),  (If…, Potentially…),  (Because…)

Overview: Once you've completed Level 4, you will have successfully learned the proper use of the Japanese "polite style" and "plain style" ways of speaking. The "polite style" of communicating is used in more formal situations and the "plain style" is used when you're talking to your close friends, colleagues and family members.


Intermediate [Step 5]

Time Period: 16 hours (8 weeks) / A cumulative total of 10 months

Goal:      To be able to explain things and express feelings in detail, as well as read and understand long passages, understand Japanese animations and TV drama series', and handle complex dialogue


Describing two concurrent events (While…, …), talking about things you do in advance (I will prepare/do…), talking about a future event (I will…, am going to…), giving advice/a warning (You should…, You had better…), presuming (I/It might…, I/It could…)

Overview: Once you have completed Step 5, you will be able to speak and understand the Japanese language across a wide range of complex situations both in class and in everyday life.


Intermediate [Step 6]

Time Period: 16 hours (8 weeks) / A cumulative total of 12 months


Talking about conditions (If you do…), showing reluctance (Someone makes me do…, I am forced to do…), making an attempt (I try to do…, I will see if…), talking about immoderation (You do…too much, It is too…)

Overview: Once you have completed Step 6, you will have successfully learned to handle complex language in many situations, you will be able to understand detailed reasoning, and will have the ability to communicate with a rich and sophisticated Japanese vocabulary.


Intermediate [Step 7]

Time Period:  16 hours (8weeks) / A cumulative total of 14 months


Describing levels of difficulty (It is easy to do…, It is difficult to do…), telling someone what you heard from someone else (someone said that…, I heard that…), causative verbs for ordering someone to do something, letting someone do something (I get/have someone to do/do…), using honorifics "Sonkeigo (honorifics), Kenjougo (showing modesty), Teineigo (polite expressions)"

Overview: Once you've completed Step 7, you will have successfully learned Keigo (honorific expressions), which is a form of Japanese communication that is used to show the speaker's respect for the listener. This type of expression is most commonly used in business situations in Japan.


Intermediate [Step 8]

Time Period: 32 hours (16 weeks) / A cumulative total of 18 months

Overview: Step 8 gives ample support to learners who have language skills that are sufficient enough to understand and explore the Japanese culture and unique customs. This curriculum will give you a deeper understanding of Japan and its culture, and will allow you to develop your comprehensive Japanese language skills further – ultimately achieving full mastery of intermediate level Japanese.


Advance [Level 9] is only for private lessons.

Noguchi Sensei is a native Japanese with

30-year teaching experiences. She was 

a faculty member in Florida Int'l University 

and Future H University, Japan.

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