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Customized Private Lessons for business professionals in Chicago with Noguchi Sensei



Noguchi-sensei's online lessons are a great way for me to continue pursuing my passion in Japanese language while maintaining a busy work life as a consultant. Her lessons are highly catered towards my personal interests and career goals, and are just as effective as her in-person lessons. I highly recommend studying under Noguchi-sensei! (Carissa)

I have learned much more with Noguchi Sensei more quickly than I have with many other language classes, and, having taught English as a second language myself, I understand her real grasp of and talent in effective teaching. I look forward to her classes. (Rickie)

Ms. Noguchi has been an amazing help for my Japanese learning and understanding. I've been struggling for the better part of 20 years 

to find a good way to step up my Japanese reading, writing, and speaking skills. Her mentoring and guidance has helped me to dramatically

improve my ability! I strongly recommend her without any hesitation to anyone at any level for learning Japanese. (Andy)

Noguchi Sensei possesses a unique combination of practical expertise attained through the instruction of thousands of students, perceptive adaptability that allows her to continually and creatively fine-tune course plans according to students’ progress, and genuine enthusiasm that creates a positive energy and contributes to the effectiveness of her classes. 

With knowledge of kanji characters through years of Chinese language study, but with no prior instruction in Japanese, I began classes with Noguchi Sensei in July 2017 and, thanks to her guidance, passed Level N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) less than six months later. I have continued to take classes online with Noguchi Sensei in preparation for the next level of the JLPT, and unreservedly recommend her to motivated students seeking expert instruction that will allow them to efficiently achieve their proficiency goals. (Adam)

I am a small business owner and I am taking classes online with Noguchi-sensei. She is very adaptive to my busy schedule, and can coordinate with a time zone difference. Her teaching style is personal and quite different from anything I have experienced. I improved my Japanese skills and now I have confidence in speaking Japanese. I would highly recommend her! (Hann)

I am a Dutch film director and about to make my second documentary in Japan. For that reason, I learn to speak the language. Since February 2015 I switched from private lessons in the Netherlands to Noguchi san's online lessons. Her lessons are good and great fun. She is a teacher at heart: difficult grammar structures become easy to understand. She is energetic and creative. You can improve on fields according your own interests and needs. I'd say go for it! (Mirjam)

It's my pleasure to recommend Ms. Noguchi.

Ms. Noguchi is an outstanding tutor and teacher. She is extremely well organized and dependable. She has never let me down and has gone the extra distance for me. Honestly, I have never had a tutor who is so attuned to my needs. She has tutored me for over 2 years in Japanese. I do a lot of business with Japanese companies and a thorough knowledge of proper speaking style, vocabulary, and customs is vital. Her teachings have helped me considerably. (Eloff)

TOSHIBA Medical Research Institute, USA Inc. in IL

My studies with Noguchi Sensei been some of the most pleasurable and effective classes I've ever had. Her original and enthusiastic style of teaching encourages students to learn more, and her positive attitude and patience with students at all levels of skill is truly remarkable. She is able to incorporate each student's learning goals and interests into classes, which make them interesting and practical for each student, even in a group class. She is highly skilled in varying how new information is delivered, and her exercises for learning are both fun and imaginative. (McGowan)

Short comments of Professor at University concerning my private Japanese sessions with Atsuko Noguchi. She is an excellent instructor, making the weekly sessions interesting. She has a didactic knack for explaining new linguistic paradigms by inventing illustrative examples all the time. I enjoy our meetings. (S)

It has been a pleasure being tutored by Noguchi Sensei for the past few months. She is extremely knowledgeable and customizes lessons to bring out your maximum potential. I have mostly self-studied before and she was able to easily gauge my level and help fill in the gaps. I especially loved how much she challenged me and pushed me to become a better Japanese conversationalist. I have improved by leaps and bounds in such a short time with her. You will not regret a single lesson with Noguchi Sensei, and you will definitely see an improvement, no matter what your level is! (Leda)

I am very excited to have lessons with Sensei Noguchi. I learn so much each time and I go home feeling happy and confident to do my homework. Sensei is always patient and very friendly when we practice. Arigatou gozaimasu Sensei ! (J.C)

"Mastered Hiragana in 3 hours!"

Sensei taught me the basics and foundation to write and read hiragana characters. It was an intensive three hour class but it worth it! I was able to take it all in and feel confidant about hiragana. And she was really nice to help point me in the right direction to self-study Japanese. Thank you again Sensei!


"Very good. Makes learning fun."

Sensei is teaching me beginning Japanese. She is very interactive and teaches with games and visual aids which make it easy to learn.


"Excellent, Fun, and Enthusiastic"

I completely enjoyed working with Sensei N. She totally understood my short-term needs (an upcoming trip to Japan) and also my long-term goal of general conversation improvement. She made me feel confident and unafraid of making ridiculous mistakes. I would highly recommend her to anyone who loves Japanese language and Japan.  (Douglas)

"Restored confidence."

Sensei has only worked with my son for a few sessions, but has made a huge impact. She alternates between moving slowly as he learns, then quickly to repeat what he's learned. She has not only improved his grades, but also his confidence that he is capable. Arigato. (Dawn)

"Totemo shinsetsu na Sensei! ( A very kind teacher! )"

Sensei has helped me tremendously with identifying learning goals, correcting mistakes in oral conversations, and speeding up my progress in preparing for my Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. She has great patience and is always responsive, well prepared for classes and very kind. I have enjoyed every lesson in the past and will recommend her to anyone looking for a Japanese tutor!  (Ange)

"Encouraging lessons and authentic teaching"

Lessons with Sensei are definitely what I was hoping for in a Japanese tutor. She inquires about and determines how much you know and what you're looking for in these lessons, and subsequently has many lesson ideas, exercises, and games to take it from there. Getting to speak Japanese with Sensei has been helping me so much more than learning just from a book or online. Her kind and cheerful demeanor also makes you feel comfortable to attempt speaking more. Also, because I expressed interest, every once in a while Sensei will incorporate some insight into current Japanese culture into our lesson, which is super fun. I am very happy with my lessons with her, and look forward to lessons every week!   (Angie)