Japanese with Noguchi Sensei


Japanese Lessons for Business Professionals 

                                                       Fee Rate
                                                                                Face to face Private Lessons        US$70 per one hour
                                                                      Online Skype Lessons                   US$50 per 50-min. session    
                                                    Discounted packages are also available. Contact us for the details on:                              
                                                          Discounted 8-Private-Lesson tickets
                                                          Discounted 10-Private-Lesson tickets         
                                                          Discounted 10-Online-Session tickets

                                                          Discounted 20-Online-Session tickets 


                                         Your Personal Group Class     

                                                        Contact us about your purpose, period and number of learners.

                                                        She customizes lessons for the specific purposes and estimate the fee.                  



          Payment is by credit card or Paypal which is required in advance for a month or a course on or before the first lesson day.

          If you urgently need to cancel the lesson on the same day, please call or text me at my cellphone ASAP and receive my confirmation.
          Your lesson will be rescheduled and you will not lose the lesson fee when you cancel at least twelve hours prior to the scheduled lesson time.
           Transportation and material charges are not included.

* Learners use mainly Handouts created by Noguchi Sensei and regular textbooks.

  Step 1 ~ 2 . . . . . about US$70
  Step 3 ~ 4 . . . . . about US$80

  Step 5 ~ 8 . . . . . .about US$80

JLPT preparation
   about US$30 - 100