Japan 39 Online Japanese Lessons

Customized Private Lessons for business professionals in Chicago with Noguchi Sensei

                                                                      Welcome to "JAPAN 39"

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Noguchi Sensei lived in Nagoya for many years before teaching Japanese in Florida and Chicago. During that time, she taught all levels of students with a variety of needs; and her 13-years experience of teaching Japanese, she developed her own fun and engaging teaching style. Her specialty is teaching both the language and cultural skills students need to know to communicate and be understood in Japanese. 

"JAPAN 39" is her Japanese language learning service, which provides instruction through curricula customized for each student or class. In Japan since 2018, Noguchi Sensei continues to serve students in Chicago, New York, Florida, California and throughout the world online and on Skype.


- Oklahoma City University (Master of Education)
- The International Japanese Culture Education Federation (Certificate of the 420hr Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese)
- Nagoya YWCA Language School (Completed one-year Teaching Japanese course)
- Aichi Kenritsu University (Bachelor of Arts), Japan

Experience in the U.S.A. & in Japan
- JAPAN 39, Founder (2011 - present) 

      Teaching private lessons online and in-person in Japan to business and other professionals 

- Completed a 90-hour Japanese course at the American Base in Okinawa  (2018)

- Customized and taught Japanese courses to various companies in Chicago (2014-2017)

- Loyola University, Adjunct Professor (2017)

- Acted as a judge of the JET program

- Acted as a proctor of the JLPT

- Florida International University, Adjunct Professor (2009-2011)

- Future University, Hakodate, Adjunct Professor (2002-2004)


The reason behind the name of "Japanese 39" is a play on words in Japanese.

The numbers 3 (SAN) and 9 (KYUU) are the phonetic way of pronouncing the English phrase "Thank You" in the Japanese writing system.